Fishbone provides the rail and automotive sectors with bespoke & managed design and analysis. We specialise in delivering 3D CAD, packaging and CAE support under one roof.


Client: Various

Location: UK

Services: Engineering

Fishbone provides a full suite of design services that are tailored to each clients’ requirements, whether that be a discrete component design or drawing, or a system/vehicle wide design and packaging exercise.

Fishbone has experience in using most of the industry-standard design toolchains including Solidworks, Catia and Siemens NX and currently operate and maintain these tools in-house.

Design Engineering Services

  • Professional engineering services including:
  • CAD design & draughting
  • Complex system design
  • Complex system packaging
  • Finite Element/Structural Analysis
  • Approvals & Homologation

Unique Selling Points

  • Real-world engineering design – Real solutions based on experience that work for our Customers
  • Bespoke solutions – Specialist skills and experience designed to meet the requirements of our customers’ unique challenges
  • On/off service – Flexible terms of engagement to suit a range of short and longer-term assignments
  • Package work – Set us a challenge and we will go away and solve it
  • OEM experience – Bringing best-practice knowledge to all projects
  • Support work – A service to complement and reinforce your existing engineering team.
  • Lifecycle solution – Experience and services across the whole design process

Case Study

Fishbone were asked to increase the Gross Load Weight (GLW) of a freight tanker from 90 to 101.6 Tonnes. To achieve this, we:

  • Created accurate CAD models of wagon & bogies from drawings, measurements & site visits where required
  • Applied industry load standards & ran an FEA on the 3D model
  • Applied a dynamic assessment of the vehicle with the new GLW
  • Ensured the vehicle complied to industry standards for operation at the new GLW
  • Supplied a structural report & supporting documents
  • Supplied a full suite of drawings suitable for use by the customer

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