Solving industry challenges through relationships, partnerships, collaboration and technology

At Fishbone we are passionate about innovation. We live and breathe collaboration to create the very best solutions for all our customers across a wide range of businesses and sectors. We are specialists in developing innovative ideas with our customers and unlocking the creativity and innovation within their people.

We find the most successful businesses are constantly innovating. Embedded in all organisations are the Innovation Thinkers, who can be found at any level. In times of change, these are the people who will make the difference.  Fishbone’s approach to innovation helps to give this essential resource a voice.

We help our customers adapt to and adopt innovation through 3 approaches:

Innovation brought in by our own highly experienced and diverse team

Innovation generated though our knowledge of cutting-edge solution providers, critical and creative thinkers


Innovation unearthed from within customers’ own people as we champion the power of collective development

At the centre of innovation is the freedom to explore and express new possibilities and we find people have ideas all the time, in many different environments, but are often too busy to describe and record them.

Innovation Pipeline (TRL5)

  • Fishbone provides an Ideas Engine Room where our
    Innovation Process takes ideas from concept to realisation
  • Fishbone’s Challenge Statement System provides its
    customers with a space to ensure business challenges are
    recorded, analysed, understood and managed to resolution
  • Fishbone founded an SME Business Forum to encourage
    collaboration and the sharing of ideas and technology
    Participants gain access to a forum focused on bringing high
    value targeted solutions to their business challenges
  • Fishbone has developed its own Technology Readiness
    Assessment System to help leaders to deliver innovations
    and the benefits required by tomorrows customer

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