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Client: South Western Railway

Location: UK

Services: Engineering

In order for the client to shunt individual vehicles by the intermediate coupler, Fishbone was asked to design an adaptor coupler and secondary restraint that interfaced with the existing adaptor coupler and the intermediate bar coupler of the target vehicles. To achieve this, we:

  • Attended site to clarify requirements, develop concept designs, and select the optimum solution for compliant, user-friendly operation
  • Completed a final design, derived suitable load cases for the proposed use, and carried out a Finite Elements Analysis to ensure the design met the requirements
  • Designed a secondary restraint that resolved issues with secondary restraints using similar adaptor couplers across the fleet
  • Developed a suite of drawings for manufacturing of the adaptor coupler and oversaw production of three pieces
  • Supplied a structural report & supporting documents to obtain third-party attestation of the new adaptor coupler

In order to carry out an important company project we engaged Fishbone to produce a product for which no contemporary option existed. Fishbone reacted to the challenge to deliver just the solution we required. It was designed, manufactured, tested, and approved, delivered ready for use, on time, and meeting all our expectations, including an improvement on an ancillary piece of equipment.

Pete Spratt, Fleet Engineer at South Western Railway

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