2023 Project of the Year

Fishbone was founded in 2012 and is an independently owned transportation solutions provider. Led by innovation and new possibilities in data technology, we serve the wider transport sector with a suite of tailored engineering services, products and consultancy solutions. We use our experience and independent thinking to turn complex challenges into data-driven, cost-effective solutions.










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Our innovative and creative problem solving is an embedded culture at Fishbone that is developed through our philosophy of listening, learning, sharing and applying knowledge. We form long lasting relationships with our clients that extend beyond the life of a project or programme to form an affiliation of like-minded experts. Continued collaboration, and the sharing of peer knowledge we believe is the driver for sustainable improvements and ‘real’ change.

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Fishbone have the knack of being able to parachute into any given situation, however complex, volatile or challenging, and through close working with all parties, are quickly able to co-create structured solutions that provide a constructive way forward to enable successful delivery. Their collaborative approach with small and medium enterprises (SME’s) has allowed Network Rail to easily tap into technologies, know-how and creativity.

James Dean. Route Managing Director. West Coast South. Network Rail.

One of the aspects which I enjoy about working with Fishbone is that the information sharing is very good, nothing is kept secret squirrel and Fishbone understands the importance of enhancing our knowledge in the subject as well as completing the job. This can be completely the opposite in this industry. It’s a factor that would positively influence us using Fishbone again.

Adam Donfrancesco, R-Reforged