The ability to seamlessly introduce major changes while maintaining operational excellence in the most challenging environments requires a process that is equal to the challenge. Continuous Operational Readiness is the Fishbone tool and process to help customers manage complex changes with full insight into the risks, critical path and interdependencies of critical activities; facilitating evidence driven decision making throughout the change process.


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Fishbone has delivered several projects for customers including Network Rail and EKFB JV centred around continuous operational readiness. Readiness itself is a complex challenge, measuring and evidencing an organisations’ ability and preparedness for introducing major changes or entering challenging phases of a project.

Continual Operational Readiness is a consultancy service provided by Fishbone built around the complex and bespoke requirements of our customers. We build a unique solution based around:

  • Bespoke Project Management tool package for managing configuration state changes
  • Building agnostic and fact-based project health metrics
  • Interfacing and consolidating existing streams of information

The Continual Operational Readiness includes the following toolchain which are blended to build a unique product depending on the client’s needs:

  • Readiness
  • Risks and opportunities
  • Estimate at completion
  • Committed efficiencies
  • Change management
  • Innovation management
  • Bespoke KPIs for high-quality management reporting
    • Readiness status
    • Achievements
    • Blockers
    • Upcoming deliverables
    • Sankey logic linked deliverables viewer

Continual Operational Readiness typically consists of teams of Fishbone consultants performing the key stakeholder review activities, using the toolchain to set up a bespoke balanced scorecard using the Fishbone Readiness software.

Two examples of where Continual Operational Readiness programmes have been deployed to help customers maintain operational excellence during periods of significant change are:

  • Network Rail. Leading the Continual Operational Readiness programme during a period where a 10year technology strategy is being developed, but with the backdrop of COVID-19 and its’ continued disruption to railway demand and operations
  • EKFB JV. Deploying Continual Operational Readiness in preparation of “Notice to Build” and EKFB entering the construction phase of the HS2 line. This ongoing readiness process explores the readiness across the whole organisation from contract readiness to logistics and transport

Acting as a trusted partner Fishbone work closely across customer organisations, teasing out the intricacies of complex multi-faceted / multi-stakeholder programmes, and in doing so present the customer with real-time fact-based management information enabling them to manage programmes effectively.

Continual Operational Readiness is industry-agnostic and can be applied to programmes across the transportation sector, or any sector delivering complex programmes with multiple interdependencies.

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