Are you ready and can you prove it? Over several years, Fishbone has worked closely with train, automotive and infrastructure manufacturing and operating companies, to provide business and programme-level Continuous Operational Readiness (COR) assessment. The ‘Readiness Tool’ is the software developed to complement Fishbone’s readiness consulting services and can be purchased commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) should customers prefer to manage their own operational readiness.


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The Readiness Tool was developed following several successful Continual Operational Readiness consultancy projects for customers including Network Rail and Eiffage Kier JV.  On the back of these successful projects, we have developed a tool which can be used in conjunction with our consulting services or used standalone by customers who want the freedom to set up and operate their own Readiness projects or Balanced Scorecards.

The tool provides a balanced scorecard of COR enabling users to monitor and evidence the status of major programmes or configuration change points and manage blockers, upcoming deliverables, risks and stakeholder interfaces.

Readiness is centred around a cloud data repository with back-end data analytics comparable to ‘Power BI’® but with superior data analytics and without the restrictive licensing.

A suite of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) then allow analysis, presentation and time-stamping of the readiness data.  The GUIs include:

  • Continuous Operational Readiness master balanced scorecard
    • Achievements view
    • Blockers view
    • Upcoming Deliverables view
    • Sankey stakeholder interfaces view
  • Risks and Opportunities dashboard
  • Estimate at Completion cost tracker
  • Committed Efficiencies tracker

The Readiness Tool is rich in functionality including data import/export, time-stamping, historical playback, export to pdf etc. all in an environment ensuring that users’ data is secure and protected.

The Readiness Tool is available to users in a variety of models:

  • Off-the-shelf
  • Off-the-shelf with Fishbone support for setup and embedding into customer environment
  • Bespoke GUI and data structuring to cater to every customers’ information requirements

Fishbone worked with the University of Leicester (UoL) to develop the initial system and continue to work together as the system enters production.  UoL is an expert in Big Data analytic and their knowledge and experience in this domain, coupled with Fishbone’s Continuous Operational Readiness expertise, has helped accelerate the technology and the maturity of the Readiness product.

The FISH will be ready for customer acceptance in Q1 2021.  For Enquiries, please use the Contact Us page on the Fishbone website.

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