Fishbone has worked closely with Porterbrook Leasing Company and South Western Railway to investigate maintenance optimisation on legacy fleets. Significant operational and financial benefits were achieved on the Class 458/5 fleet by extension of the C4 overhaul mileage.


Client: Porterbrook Leasing Limited

Location: UK

Services: Engineering

Fishbone was asked by Porterbrook to develop a methodology to evaluate the existing C4 overhaul, and through a risk-based process and trial running, recommend and gain approval for achieving a significant mileage increase between C4 overhaul periods.

Fishbone delivered a 120,000 mile C4 overhaul increase by:

  • Reviewing current C4 component maintenance and condition at overhaul.
  • Establishing a safe, monitored mileage extension trial
  • Reassessing component condition at extended mileages and presenting a case for extension based on expert condition assessment and mitigations
  • Overhaul maintenance tasks were reviewed for suitability to run to extended mileages themselves based on unit maintenance histories and failure modes
  • A controlled programme of trial running was conducted to ascertain any requirements for change to wear limits, component inspections, and task periodicity
  • Proposal for changes to C4 periodicity was presented to the TOC / ROSCO supporting the changes and other interventions required to optimise the overall benefit
  • The fleet was certified to run extend mileages for both regimes
  • The C4 overhaul periodicity was increased from 600,000 miles to 720,000 miles

Fishbone has successfully completed similar on other fleets for Porterbrook and SWR and are currently undertaking a series of maintenance optimisation reviews for Porterbrook to optimise C6 overhaul either as wholesale maintenance regime change or extended, reduced scope C6 periodicity.

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