Fishbone has been at the centre of the development of the High Speed 2 (HS2) Main Works Civil Contractor (MWCC) EKFB train service development.


Client: Effiage Kier Ferrovial Bam (EKFB)

Location: UK

Services: Solutions

EKFB invited Fishbone to be its Rail Advisory Team to work with rail industry partners in planning for the movement of over 6 million tonnes of aggregate from UK quarries to supplier railheads and then to site by road. In parallel, the Fishbone rail team has been instrumental in developing EKFB railheads at Calvert North and Calvert South, using the existing rail links to deliver over 700ktn of the required aggregates from quarries direct to site by train; thus reducing the volume of material required to be delivered by road from the material supplier railheads.

Working closely with the EKFB delivery teams, Network Rail, the materials supplier and the rail operators, the challenges of operating trains to the EKFB railheads required the reopening of a redundant section of track, robust processes to identify rail network capacity and train paths with the wider rail community, train timetabling, securing the required wagons & rail operator resources, and staffing for the overseeing of the train discharge operation were all successfully overcome. The first 50 of the required 400+ train deliveries have operated on time and in full.

This project has allowed EKFB to secure significant environmental benefits for the local community by removing over 70,000 truck journeys from local roads and has delivered major reductions in CO2 emissions as trains produce 8 times less carbon than trucks. Significant financial benefits have also been delivered through the removal of the road deliveries that would have been required had the EKFB railhead and stockpiles not been established.

Fishbone has provided EKFB with both technical advice and stakeholder management not only in Material by Rail (MbR), but also in generating a new reporting system to manage logistics readiness via a balanced scorecard. This has significantly enhanced performance and continues to aid in the development of efficient logistics across the business, most notably in programme, risk, opportunity, and monitoring costs. More recently Fishbone has planned and delivered a small niche team to run and receive material by rail in the Calvert area which will take over 36,000 trucks of the road and ensure EKFB maintain a programme of works for HS2.

Chris Barton Head of Operational Support EKFB

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