About Us

As the founders of Fishbone Solutions we are both qualified and experienced professionals who know businesses from shop-floor to boardroom across the rail, automotive and aviation industries.

Before creating Fishbone Solutions, we worked in organisations where we were asked to drive efficiencies, improve bottom lines, improve user/passenger experiences and safety, manage projects, unlock revenue streams, deliver innovation and create extensive tender documents – and we know from experience that delivering these kinds of objectives on top of ‘the day job’ can be a big challenge. We saw first-hand the merit in being able to use a skilled and objective out-sourced provider to help deliver projects such as these, but couldn’t find one. So we got together and created one!

Using our combined experience, expertise and passion for engineering, Fishbone Solutions was established to help clients with their business challenges. We’ve developed effective programme and project management systems as well as technology-led product solutions for a wide range of clients to improve the performance of assets, systems, tools and processes.

Why ‘Fishbone Solutions’?

Because our uniquely developed systems and processes are based on the highly effective discipline of Ishikawa / Cause and Effect Analysis leading to effective, thorough and innovative solutions for our clients.

All of this has proved a winning combination and we’ve since grown to a team of 9 all recruited with the same principles in mind; listen to the client (really listen), develop bespoke solutions using the right people and drawing on cross-industry knowledge and experience, and importantly be enjoyable people to work with!